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The best place to live with a family?

With its green spaces, quality schools, activities for families, and cultural opportunities, Prague is a wonderful place to call home. But challenges faced during the relocation phase can affect your outlook. Part of choosing a new Prague apartment/house is to select the location that suits you best. Every city neighbourhood is like a world on its own, each with its specific features and charm. There is tremendously broad choice of unique residential areas, so we suggest that you consider the details of each neighbourhood to find the perfect one for you.

Prague 1: Arts, luxury and culture, amazing history, beautiful building on every corner, walking distance to all the key attraction in Prague, a different type of nightlife for every type of person and every mood

Prague 1 is the perfect postcard area, if you can afford it. Lofty rents and a teaming tourist trap can make this area out of reach for those with families. Affluent couples flock to riverside for the safe atmosphere and slow pace of life, coupled with good connections to central Prague, when you want to get back into the action.

Prague 2: Convenience of living in Vinohrady, everything one needs is within walking distance

With beautiful parks, lovely classic architecture. fine dining establishments, plenty of culture and a ‘posh’ reputation, Royal Vinohrady is high up on many wish lists. As a direct result of the desirability of location, ease of transportation and high level of local amenities, the area has enjoyed very high historical occupancy rates, as well as consistent rental rate growth over an extended period of time.

Prague 3: Žižkov is one of the trendiest neighborhoods

Bordering Vinohrady, grittier Žižkov filled with its pop-up stores, cafes, pubs, interesting restaurants. nightclubs. hip nightlife scene is considered to be among the trendiest and most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in the city. Additionally the district of Žižkov hosts annual outdoor festivals and events throughout the year, and features a vast array of cultural attractions. There is always something happening, and something new to see and do. It is full of pop-up stores, cafes, pubs and interesting restaurants. Best place to live as a young professional.

Prague 4: This neighbourhood nestled on the Vltava, dominated by residential Podolí, Branik, Hodkovičky makes the area very enjoyable for families. Its quiet street, parks, spacious housing and two of the city´s largest international schools (EISP and PBS) make it very popular with couples, who have children and young professionals

As largest Prague central business district Prague 4 is also the bussiest commercial district in Czech republic. The majority of Prague´s skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels, plethora of business sectors and apartment towers, lie within Prague 4 districts in Chodov, Pankrác, Kavčí hory.

Prague 5: Smíchov with its crowded malls, cinema complexes, hotels, and office buildings has somehow successfully avoided becoming a teaming tourist trap. Nice neighbourhood can be found in Hřebeny, Strahov, Hlubočepy, Malvazinky

The neighborhood is primarily residential with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses, renovated villas,many retail businesses. If you want to experience traditional Prague with its classic architecture and village feel, here are some places for you to consider: Hřebenky, Hlubočepy, Malvazinky, Jinonice (the seat of International German School).

The Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle is located here, which has led to a large francophone community and an abundance of French bookshops, bakeries and restaurants.

Prague 6: Long live a family ! If you have a young family and want to live near good schools in Prague, with enough space for everyone and in a safe neighbourhood, have a look at the following places: Dejvice, Ořechovka, Střešovice, Hanspaulka, Nebušice, Horoměřice, Přední Kopanina – all similar to Vinohrady in expat´s population

Best places to live in Prague for families personifies Prague 6 - finest and most elegant homes can be found here. This leafy district/suburb is popular with both families and young professional for its respected schools, restaurants, cafes, farmer´s market´s as well as plenty of green space. The international schools, kindergartens, high-rated schools for your children are top- notch, which has partly contributed to the steady rise in property prices here.

If you are looking for a place with a community spirit and a short commute to the city center, then Malá Šárka, neighborhooding International school in Nebušice is the place to be.

Prague 7: Appealing for Letna and Stromovka Parks, great restaurants and good shopping, young international vibe.

It is one of the most vibrant places of the city offering a great mix of alternative lifestyles with a constant supply of interesting things going on. A cadence like no other: many writers, artists, and high-end workers live along Letná and Holešovice.

There is heaven for foodies, with an abundance of independent delis, restaurants and cafes.

If you can't live without green open spaces, you’ll love Prague 7. There's Stromovka Park to enjoy not too far from home.

Prague 8: Stylized living spaces, cafés, and state-of-the-art gyms continue to draw yuppies to Karlin while die-hard locals keep the mix interesting

After decades of inactivity, Karlin turned into a dynamic and attractive neighborhood where new residential development flourished. Affordable (relatively speaking, naturally) rents and a thriving revival has made this formerly “upcoming” area a trendy mecca for yuppies and youngsters alike.

Prague 9: Metro line „C“ extends to Letňany, an area of upscale homes and an enormous shopping centre.

Prague 9 is another area, which has seen plenty of regenerations over the past decades; instead of unsightly factory halls and neglected grounds, attractive and affordable housing emerges with landscaped streets, children´s playgrounds, gyms, shopping destinations and with great transport links over Prague.

Prague 10: Easily accessible by subway, bus or tram Vršovice has a Vinohrady feel with lower rent and a boom in cafés, restaurants, gyms and night life.

Hostivař, this quiet green area of Prague 10, surrounded by a lovely forest, is generally considered to be the more affordable version of its expensive neighbours. If you are a football fan then footbal clubs are located nearby, although the downside of this is the traffic on match days. It’s got some brilliant places to live, and you’ll probably get a bit more space for your money.