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PRAGUE 3 - cosmopolitan Žižkov

Prague 3 is partly a continuation of Královské Vinohrady. But the main area is Žižkov, a territory consisting mostly of industrial sites, warehouses, production halls and allotment gardens in the past. In recent years this part of the city has undergone a major transformation with the construction of many modern apartment buildings. The industrial halls have been newly utilised and a cultural centre built that offers multilateral activities.

The city district of Prague 3 also includes Vysočany, a quarter similar to that of Žižkov with an affluent commercial area, modern and old housing and rich in greenery. Just like other Prague districts so Prague 3 has many landmarks and places of interest for its residents and tourists. It is worth mentioning náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad (George of Poděbrady Square) with the Church of the Sacred Heart of Our Lord that is interesting for its unusual architecture. Another monumental structure is the Žižkov transmitter with its renowned restaurant and famous single-room hotel. The Olšany cemetery must also be mentioned, being the biggest and, in the good sense of the word, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Bohemia with many architectural monuments. Vítkov Hill is the site of one of Prague’s dominant landmarks, the statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov. The monument consists of one of the biggest riding horses in the world. The limited number of buildings in Prague available for sale and reconstruction forced property development companies to turn their attention to the formerly neglected boundary of Žižkov. Many residential areas are not as extensive as Prague’s Vinohrady quarter, but in recent years a lot of the buildings have been renovated and housing opportunities here are increasing. The extraordinarily stylish residential complexes offer apartments of the most exclusively private housing category with all modern amenities.

This part of the city relies for its access to transport above all on a dense network of trams with metro stations in the individual central areas. There has not been any dramatic development on the boundary of cosmopolitan Žižkov, but you will probably be pleasantly surprised not only by the number of new restaurants and coffee shops designed in an original creative style, as well as shops and studios waiting to be discovered. Theatres and festivals are turning Žižkov into the real heart of the capital.