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PRAGUE 5 – prestigious address, flood of greenery, cultural landmarks and a wide range of sport facilities

The left bank of the Vltava belongs to the city district of Prague 5 with the pulsating Smíchov. In the past Smíchov was part of an industrial zone and was greatly overlooked by residents and tourists. However, extensive re-cultivation has transformed this quarter into a sought-after business and administrative centre and the seat of company branches of prominent world renowned brands. A new infrastructure and underground tunnels linking it to the city centre and the remote airport have contributed to the modernisation and re-discovery of this location.

The housing in Prague 5 is highly diverse. There are sensitively reconstructed historical as well as new buildings, tenements with picturesque alleys, villa development and extensive housing estates. It also comes with the verdant greenery of original parks and beautiful gardens, as well as a landscape park and water bodies.

The city district of Prague 5 is rich in greenery, managing fourteen parks differing in size, (Klamovka, Santoška, Mrázovka and others), which are being gradually revitalised to meet the requirements of the time and the needs of its residents. The public outdoor swimming pool in Motol offers recreation. Here children can play on a trampoline, slide, swing and in a sandpit.

One of the most exclusive residential quarters is undoubtedly Hřebenka, famous for its classical villas of high quality architecture dating back to the early 20th century. Strategically unique location and the lush greenery of the parks in its surroundings (Petřín, Zahrada Kinských, Sacre Coeur) provide ideal conditions for urban style housing.

A number of major international companies as well as the French Lyceum are based in the centre of Smíchov, therefore this residential district, close to Prague’s parks and historical landmarks, is a popular residence for diplomats and managers of foreign companies.