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Prague 7 – a district with an essence of art

The city district of Prague 7 has become the new address for dozens of people. The main reasons why they have chosen Prague 7 is its good transport access to the city centre, sports and cultural amenities in the vicinity and close to nature.

Today’s Holešovice above all are gaining in importance as a quarter with a colourful cultural programme. In the former factories and workshops young people are setting up avant-garde theatres, clubs, contemporary art centres, multicultural coffee shops and restaurants. The most famous of the growing cultural centres are the La Fabrika theatre, based in the former locksmith workshop and foundry, the popular MECCA club, based in the former iron furniture factory, and the DOX contemporary art centre operating in a machine factory. The multifunctional DOX is the biggest centre of contemporary art in the Czech Republic. Besides exhibition rooms it also contains a coffee, book and design shop. Since its reconstruction in the 1990s the Veletržní palác (Trade Fair Palace) has been used to exhibit the collections of the National Gallery and offers exhibits not only of visual art, but also of architecture, furniture, design and photography.

Although Prague 7 is one of the central parts of the city, it contains one of the biggest areas of greenery in Prague. The nearby Stromovka (Royal Game Reserve) or Letenské sady (Letná Orchard) park are used for relaxation, sports and leisure activities, family walks or places where you can go for a picnic with friends.

Prague 7 welcomes investment. In the past the district used to be part of the industrial area, however today Holešovice is a quarter where modern architecture is increasingly coming to the fore. The glass skyscrapers are seats to multinational companies, dozens of new apartments in revitalised buildings have become a prestigious address. One of the most sought-after locations in Prague today is the Holešovice docks, where only a few listed dock buildings are a reminder of old times, and just as all capital cities situated on a river, this too offers non-traditional architecture with the typical name Prague Marina and Prague Island, which combines the romantic with a high standard of housing.

Prague Marina and Prague Island, which combines the romantic with a high standard of housing.According to travel bloggers Prague’s Holešovice quarter is ranked among 23 of the most “cool”, i.e. the best quarters in Europe. As the British daily “The Independent” informed Holešovice was ranked in 15th place among quarters of European capitals. Wow!