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PRAGUE 4 – the biggest green space in the metropolis

The city district of Prague 4 may not fall into the category of the “historical centre of Prague”, but can equally offer some interesting residential areas. One of the most attractive is the area called Podolí with its lovely villas, old and new apartment developments close to the river Vltava. The neighbouring quarter of Braník also offers quiet housing areas ideal for families with children. The areas situated on the outskirts such as Krč, Hodkovičky and Lhotka provide family housing with a quick exit from the city and good transport access to the centre of Prague.

Prague 4 is a highly architecturally diverse district. It does not have any rare landmarks, but you can find places and buildings here that are ranked as cultural monuments. These include the country homestead of Jezerka (today the Na Jezerce Theatre), Nuselský pivovar (Nusle brewery), Michelský dvůr (Michle Court), Hoffman Villa, František Langer Villa, the monumental Podolí Waterworks, Marold Villa and numerous picturesque churches and chapels. The historical Vyšehrad boasts several parks whose picturesque nooks invigorate a Sunday walk. Due to the controversial and highly discussed projects in Pankrác, Prague 4 is fast becoming the new commercial and retail centre of Prague. The five-star Obchodní centrum Chodov and Arkády Pankrác shopping centres provide quality shopping amenities.

Prague 4 has very good transport links to the city centre. It is a traditional district with natural greenery, established schools and nurseries. Hodkovičky, Podolí, Chodov and Braník were already traditional and popular villa quarters during the first Czechoslovak Republic with their time-honoured tranquil character and the opportunity of enrolling children in the Prague British School or International Montessori School of Prague attract the expat parents to look for a new home here.

Průhonice – an oasis of tranquillity in the south-eastern outskirts of the capital

Průhonice is a municipality with a versatile setting and excellent transport links - 6 km by car from Prague along the D1 motorway - EXIT 6. The municipality’s dominant landmark is a chateau with an attractive and extensive park that is on the list of UNESCO heritage sites. It also contains a wonderful botanic garden. The many hotels and restaurants, including a small brewery make this a charming municipality particularly in the summer. There is a big shopping centre and the biggest water park in the Czech Republic is about 1 km from the municipality – the Aquapalace Praha, which will be appreciated particularly by children. The municipality also has a school and nursery for children and there is an international school and nursery for English speaking children in Prague 4 just 20 minutes away by car -